Anyone up for a Party?

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Our driver in Jaipur invites both Adam and I to his brother in laws engagement party somewhere like 2 hours away from Jaipur and we figure it’s going to be a blast.  After all Indian celebrations are know to be over the top so we figure it’s worth the ride.  We drove (I did too but he was nervous) and drove, bump after bump and as we got nearer we where hoping for an improvement in the neighborhood, but every village was as poor and in such a sad state as the next.

As we arrived all eyes where on us.  This party was to have about 400 people paying tribute to the future bride and groom.  Well I guess most of the party animals had already came by as there where only about 40 or so people just hanging around on chairs and sitting on the ground eating.  No music, no cold beer, no party poppers, but lots of eyes on us.

It ended up that almost no one spoke english as we where in a real remote part of the county but they where very friendly.  We sat on the ground and they kept trying to fill out plates up.  We didn’t want to be rude, but we didn’t want to get sick.  The food was very good and the smiles even better.  I even tried to ride a motorcycle back to the car to get my jacket but couldn’t keep the thing running.  This made almost everyone laugh and giggle.  Finally I had it and off I went through the fields to the car.

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