Are there enough gods in India to help?

Why am I not sleeping, it’s 1 AM?

The days have been long and tiring, we are to be ready by 5:30 AM to go down to the famous holy Ganges River for a sunrise boat ride to witness the religious rituals performed for the deceased and just all the comings and going of the devotees.

Adam is SNORING like a knife stucked pig!

Everynight it horrible. I eventually wake him and try to get him to stop and try sleeping on his side, but with no success.

I was afraid of this as I have memories of once being in OC and sharing a room with him, it was torture.  For this trip I suggested he see a doctor and get whatever would help and even those nose strips. He did see his doctor and got some throat spray but never gave it a try until the first night in India and the walls where shaking!  Its now 2:10 and I have spent the previous 30 mins googling how to prevent snoring!

What are my chances of finding a tennis ball in India along the Ganges?

PS – I have a number of recordings for those that wish joining me in my sleep LESS ness.

PS – Adam decided last minute to not bring his laptop and never told me so my plans of posting picture are mostly spoiled until I can find a card reader for these very old computers at the internet cafes.

Having fun otherwise:)

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