The busy city of Mumbai, our final destination before going home.

We had the good fortune to have a “home stay” with a very nice family, the Sharma’s, Jeetendra and Sweta, along with their son and daughter.  This was all arranged by the Jeetendra’s brother whom I met in Jaisalmer more than a week prior.  He is the same person that gave me his motorbike to use, the same person that had his brother meet our train in his city and board the train with dinner, and the same person that had a taxi pick us up at the airport in Mumbai and take us to his other brother’s apartment to stay for the night and the next day.  What a treat.

The Sharma’s couldn’t of been more kind.  I think Sweta was trying to fatten us up (more) as she would not stop bringing more and more food for us to eat!!  I even helped her with breakfast the next morning making a common breakfast called Poha (diced potatoes, rice flakes and lots of secret spices). We enjoyed interesting conversation about both of our families and countries and what the future holds for India.

We toured the city most of the afternoon and started out to the airport close to 6:30 pm for both of our flights later that evening.  We even had a chance to visit the house where Mahatma Gandhi lived for many years.

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Kids are Kids Everywhere (the park across the street from where we stayed)

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