Camel Safari

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Our trip further into the desert for our safari went well, thank god we only did for a few hours!

Desert Dancers

Desert Tunes

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3 thoughts on “Camel Safari

  1. Teri

    Amazing pics !! Especially the locals. The one in town with the little boy looking right at ya !
    The ones in desert with locals in makeup and garb WOW!!
    Again I am COMPLETLY jealous 🙂 Stay safe !!!

    • Hey, what’s up?
      All good and crazy here, what a “situation” here!!
      How is my blog honesty, I still don’t know whether it’s better to do a new Post or a new Page and don’t now how to do videos. I did put a few on youtube so maybe I’ll send you the links for that soon. Peace

      • Teri

        I think it’s cool, Blogging on the trip makes sense while it’s all fresh and live in your head. When you get home you’ll have an amazing little story of your trip to look at.
        The pictures are reallystunning. All very cool 🙂
        Say hi to your travel partner !

        Stay safe. Peace

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