All Aboard – Our first train travel in India

Train Police

Just getting to the right train track was an experience not to mention trying to figure out the proper car to get on. India’s train system carries over 10 million people a day (and god know what else) so the whole experience is more like the TV show the Amazing Race! We ended up walking up and down the track trying to make sense of how the whole thing worked. I would look down at our tickets and then up at all the cars with all different symbols trying to figure out what correlated with what. Every time I did this I would be bumped and knocked from side to side by the thousands of frenzied people passing by. To make matters worse the platform’s concrete is so poor our luggage on wheels would tip over make for some more bumping. I still had no idea what to do and when someone was kind enough to answer our pleas for help they would just point in the direction we had just come from, mumble something and off we’d go back down the track. Time was running out and we definitely didn’t want to end up in the 3rd class cars because that looked scary. Basically they are a room with 2 benches facing each other in a small compartment with people sitting closer than elbow to elbow (yes very tight) with no air conditioning for over 11 hours, may be 12-15 people in a 8 person area!

We had 2nd class AC which had 4 berths and luckily for Adam one bed stayed open. Why was Adam lucky, because he bought a giant bag something like goalies use for all their equipment for his travels and had a forth person showed he would of had to sleep with it as there was no room on the floor and it didn’t fit under the beds.
Anyway, other than Adam snoring like a stucked pig the evening was uneventful.

I woke Adam up at 6 am so we would be ready to jump off if we had to for our 6:30 am arrival. Well we stopped and started many time around 6:10 and there after (we thought any minute now we would be arriving at our stop) but that didn’t happen until after 10! They call it Indian Time.

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